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We are currently preparing for subsidiary events of H2
MOBILITY+ENERGY SHOW 2022 with more upgraded events.
For subsidiary events of H2 MOBILITY+ENERGY SHOW 2021,
please refer to the time table below.

icon_innovationH2 MOBILITY+ENERGY SHOW 2021 Additional event timetable

division 9.8(wed) 9.9(thu) 9.10(fri) 9.11(sat)
Contents Opening Ceremony
Global Hydrogen
Industrial Association
Alliance Forum
(Room 401, 402)
H2 Innovation Award
(Seminar Place in Exhibition)
Global H2 Conference
(Room 401, 402)
H2 Industry
Online Seminar
(Seminar Place in Exhibition)
H2 K-Strartup
Investment Presentation
(Seminar Place in Exhibition)
KOTRA Business Meeting
(10:00-17:00, exhibition hall entrance)